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We are very proud that our fantastic CSO Dr Kiri Granger has been listed as one of In Vivo‘s 2022 ‘Rising Leaders’!
The third annual listing of In Vivo’s ‘Rising Leaders’ includes entrepreneurs and innovators from across the world who represent the next wave of creativity in health care.

Included for 2022 are investors, CEOs of small and mid-sized companies, rising employees in larger biopharma and medtech businesses, as well as people driving unique health initiatives worldwide.

Age is not a criterion for inclusion – or exclusion. The 30 people below have been recognized for bringing something new to the game. The list focuses on achievements, talent, creativity and strong leadership qualities.

If you have a subscription, you can also read Dr Granger’s interview in the publication: ‘Improving Clinical Trials In Psychiatric Health Care’

View the full list of Rising Leaders via the link below!
In Vivo Rising Leader